Re: Modeling a Well Used Gon

jaley <jaley@...>

On Mar 23, 9:45am, ELDEN GATWOOD wrote:
I am experimenting right now with "tromp
l'oeil" (sp?) to see if I can fool myself into believing that it is
dented and all without doing it for real. I spent a weekend using
watercolor pencils to simulate that horseshoe-shaped bulging that abused
service gons get, particularly in the center panels. I also used
colors to simulate dents, by pecking the surface. I think it has merit.
Has anyone experimented with this at all?
You could make a decal from a color photo, and apply that. I *thought*
there was an article on doing this in a recent MR (a light green caboose,
IIRC) but I can't find the reference in the online index.



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