Re: Arrival dates of C&IM Mather box cars

Rob Adams


Thanks! You are right about the photo. I typed my original message from the office and didn't have access to my magazine references. For some reason, my recollection was of that photo being in the February 1991 issue of RMC, which contains an article by Martin Lofton with several photos, and Chuck Yungkurth drawings of the much different AC&Y 3000-series Mather cars. I also have the August 2003 RMJ , which has your article and the photo I initially referenced. I hate these dilemmas...For a layout set in mid-1936, I can almost talk myself into making the stretch. In the absence of photographic contradiction, a scheme documented in October, 1937 may be safe. Especially since it is a distinctive paint scheme.

As always, I appreciate your assistance. Thanks again.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

My 7/33 ORER shows 200 Mather box cars in the CIM 8000-8199 series, and
they're also listed in Al Westerfield's 7/35 ORER on CD. How they were
painted at that time is anybody's guess - I've never seen a photo of one
from earlier than the 9/38 photo that was published in RMJ (NOT RMC). In
1933 they would almost certainly have had channel end sills, KC air brakes,
vertical staff hand brakes, and Mather Andrews trucks. The P2K model is
dimensionally correct and could be back-dated fairly easily, but paint
color is a dilemma. The car in the 9/38 photo had a 10/37 reweight date,
however, and was presumably repainted yellow at that time.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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