Re: Train Shed Cyclopedias

Richard Hendrickson

I don't know anything about military modeling or equipment, so let me know
if my assumptions are off-base.

Isn't the magnitude of the problem much different between military
equipment (armor, aircraft, ships) and freight cars. I mean, for a given
piece of armor, how many paint schemes were there? Three or four? Now
take, for example, a PS-1. Now we're talking about a LOT of paint
schemes. And what, 12 (or more?) different variations.
Hello? Earth to Jeff. I'm no expert on armor, but I do know a good bit
about aircraft, and I can assure you that there were endless variations on
equipment,paint, insignia, etc. even on relatively low production aircraft,
not to mention planes that were built by the thousands like the P-51, B-25,
B-17, etc. Documenting the variations on PS-1s would be child's play
compared to doing the same for, say, Curtiss P-40s, which had twenty-some
major production variants, were used by many allied air forces, and
appeared in so many paint schemes that it's a monumental task to document
even the ones for which photographic and other evidence survives.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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