Re: Tank car unloading

Ian Cranstone

I checked my October 1948, and by this date the RPX
fleet was in the hands of Union Tank Car. Obviously
they quickly relettered it, because by this date only
100 cars still were listed under RPX reporting marks.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

Chet French writes:

My April 1940 ORER does not show any RPX numbers
higher than the 3600
series and I could not find RPX in the Westerfield
July 1950 ORER.
Richard probably knows if they were absorbed into
the Shell fleet by
Richard Hendrickson replies:

RPX was still in the 1/1945 ORER with more than 3,000
cars and in the
10/1947 ORER with a fleet of about 2,000 (some RPX
cars were reassigned to
Shell Eastern Products [SEPX] and Shell of Calif.
[SCCX] around the end of
World War II). By 1950, however, all of the RPX cars
were gone from the
ORERs, and the number of SEPX and SCCX cars didn't
increase enough to
account for them, so I don't know where they went -
possibly to General
American for lease-back, but that's just a guess.

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