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Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

Occasional news from "Land of Resin," where modeling freight cars east of
the Mississippi River is not ignored, whereas in the "Land of Styrene" this
area is too often overlooked

While at "Breakfast at Timonium" I had the chance to see a new model that
will be available soon from Jim Brewer, who will be specially focused on the
N&W and railroads nearby. He had with him test shots of the N&W's 50 foot DD
B-4, with two different types of the roofs, the SRE's Murphy paneled roofs
and a Pennsy roof, nomenclature unknown to me. They feature two different
types of ladders, which are photo etched, as are many very nice details for
the doors, sill steps, brake system and of course the running board and
latitudinals. They are one piece castings.

Next up will be a gondola (not the same one done by Sunshine), then the 40
foot B-5 (one of my favorite 40 ft steel cars), eventually a stock car, and
maybe the H-9 two bay hopper.

At the train show, Steve Funaro had the PRR H30a, the welded version of the
two bay covered hopper. Following at some point soon will be the N&W's
version of this Pennsy LO. Steve says he is committed to having his NC&StL
gondola and CofG ventilated boxcar ready for "Cudzu Rails" in late May in
the Atlanta area. He says the Wabash SS DD cars will be at the NMRA show in
Seattle, along with an NP version.

Lastly, a well known modeler has announced that he is leaving fulltime (and
safe and secure) employment to among other things do books, a magazine,
full resin kits and resin kit conversions. One of his first offerings will
be the Southern's 40 foot low side gons.

Bill Welch

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