Re: Loads: Weight of steel beams

Scott Pitzer

Looking at an AAR loading diagram, I was headed toward two stacks of four, which would be taller than the sides of the car and require bracing. But it seems like fairly hefty stuff (6" thick just about everywhere) so I wondered if I was overloading the car.
Now, if it happens to turn out that five lengths is more appropriate, is it kosher to load them side by side, on edge? The diagram says bracing is not needed if the load does not exceed the height of the sides and there is no more than 18" open space across the width of the car. (Yes, I realize that the number of items per car is not supposed to be based on "what fits neatly without too much hassle" but I'm asking anyway!)
Scott Pitzer
Paul Lyons wrote:

Wide flange and "I" beam
sections come in many different weights depending on the thickness of the flange
and web

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