Re: Loads: Weight of steel beams

Fred Swanson <fredswanson@...>

35000lb make sense. That would make it about 795lb a foot which
would make the web about 2 inches thick. there is a W40x655. It
measures 43.62" tall with flanges 16.87" wide and 1.93 thick. The
one I quoted earlier measured 40" tall by 17.91" wide and .91"
thick. I got this information from one of those spiral bound books.
This one is from PDM Steel. They are still in business and have a
website with a catalog that has measurements of there products
includeing all the stuff that would have been shipped by rail during
the steam age.
Fred Swanson

--- In STMFC@..., Scott Pitzer <scottp459@e...> wrote:
The reason I didn't want to believe it was supposed to be 87 cubed
(in this conversion) was that I tried it out to see if it would be in
the ballpark. That makes each beam about 35,000 pounds, more than
twice the weight estimated by others. These Plastructs are hefty in
cross section, but are they THAT hefty? By the way, I'm talking
about #90519, 7/16 white styrene, not the ABS product.
It's okay with me if I end up with four beams, tucked in below the
height of the sides... especially if these beams are so unusually
large (better to hide them a bit.)
Scott Pitzer

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