Re: Ordering form National Archives of Canada

Ian Cranstone

From: "Charlie Tapper" <chastap@...>
I was going to start with cataloged photographs, the PA series. But this
anticipates my next question. I have seen published pictures from
NAC/Merrilees Collection that would be of interest to me (for example a Lake
Terminal 50' gondola in service) that are not on the list.
Gay Lepkey has a more extensive list of photos (which he has not put on the
web), and I do see an unnumbered Lake Terminal composite gondola photo
listed. The location info is:

Merrilees -- collection 1980-149; series D, box 6790, file 4

Now all you need is someone to take the time to order this box, dig out the
photo and write up the photo order (and of course cross the NAC's palm with

It seems odd that you would have seen this photo published somewhere, and
that it doesn't have a PA number. Gay Lepkey has spent some time trolling
through the PA file numbers to unearth the copy negs that he hasn't been
told about, but obviously he hasn't seen this one.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
lamontc@... (note change: was lamontc@...)

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