Re: Specialty Books (was Train Shed Cycs)

Shawn Beckert

Tony Thompson wrote:

I'm watching this thread alertly to see interest
level and if there are any authors out there. Hardly
any books materialize just cuz someone wants 'em.
(Sigh). Ok Tony, you have both written and published, as
have some others here, probably. You're familiar, I'm sure,
with the Westside publications mentioned earlier. Maybe
6" by 8", 30-40 pages at most. What would be the costs
involved with something that size? Forget authorship just
now, we can twist Richard's or Ed Hawkins' arm later. The
real issue is money, isn't it?

We know the material is out there, probably right within
the members of this list. Is it really that expensive to
put a *small* specialized book together? How many would you
have to sell to make it worthwhile?

Shawn Beckert

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