Re: Early 1900's Wood Freight Cars

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Chris Hillman asked:
"What cyclopedias/books are available that show accurate wooden car
construction, including the frames, sides, everthing actually."

An outstanding starting point is John White's _The American Railroad
Freight Car: From the Wood-Car Era to the Coming of Steel_, which is
still in print, and is a bargain at $40-45 for over 600 pages of
extremely well-researched information. Here's an excerpt posted at

"Also, when did all-wood, general car-construction tend to cease."

Someone here will certainly find an exception, but generally, all-
wood construction (i.e., no steel centersill, no steel underframe) of
freight cars was killed off by the end of World War I. All-wood,
truss-rod cars simply weren't robust enough to meet the increased
traffic demands brought on by the war.

Ben Hom

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