Re: Early 1900's Wood Freight Cars

Paul Hillman


Thank you for addressing my NEXT question of building in "G" "scale"
versus "gauge".

The scale question is one to be thought about, but I like the
larger "scale" size in general and need to figure out what to do
about "scaling'.

Perhaps there should be a (G)NMRA(?) to determine standards??

It is like, again, the early American railroads with 6 foot, etc.,
gauges, until the 4'- 8 1/2" gauge was established for "standard

But, first of all I would like to assemble more information on
actual prototype car construction, and then go from there with the
greater question of "scale".

Paul Hillman

--- In STMFC@..., Bob Webber <rswebber@c...> wrote:
You'll never do it. There is no "G" scale (that is really adhered
to). There is a "G" gauge.

Which "G" scale would you be working in? 1/32? 1/29? 1/24?
1/20.3 (which is "F" scale)? 1/18? All are scales that run
on "G"

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