Re: C&O boxcars series 5400-5499

Scott Pitzer

"I bought a C&O
Viking roof Red Caboose kit marketed by Des Plaines hobbies. Still
available?? I cut the ends off the model and changed the number to the
correct series and painted the ends and doors black."


I guess it's my version of "no dashes in PRR car classes" but
I'VE NEVER SEEN... a photo that would convince me that C&O painted box car doors black, except for the cars the builders photographed. Of course a car in service would gradually get to looking like it was all one color as it collected dirt etc., so it would take just the right kind of photo to prove whether a door was black. If we traveled back to a day in the late 30s/ early 40s we might see black doors on C&O cars every way we turned, but by later years when there are more and better photos, it seems to me unlikely that they were maintaining that practice (if it was ever a practice for in-service cars.)
Are there any C&O box cars in those Jack Delano color photos from WW2?

Scott Pitzer

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