Re: Early 1900's Wood Freight Cars

Andy Carlson

--- James D Thompson <> wrote:
Increased car sizes, perhaps, but lack of high
quality lumber? Do you
have proof to support this?
Lumber for sheathing isn't subjected to anywhere
near the kinds of
forces required of good structural lumber used for
frame sills, bolsters,
and such. White touches on the decline of cheap,
widely available old-
growth timber as a factor favoring steel car
Certainly by the "teens" good old growth Eastern White
Oak favored for schooner production was virtually
gone, and the upper Mid-West lumber depletion had
already sent lumber barons to the West in search of
large timber holdings, but this period had not yet
consumed the last of good old growth framing timbers,
which wouldn't be in decline generally until AFTER
WWll. I think any published conjecture on the loss of
good wood prompting the changeover to steel car
construction is a wee bit revisionist.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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