Re: Early 1900's Wood Freight Cars

Paul Hillman

Bob Webber wrote:
"G" gauge is, for 4'8.5" correct for 1/32.
It is correct for 3' at 1:20.3 (or Fn3)
It is correct for meter gauge at 1:22.5 (which is why LGB uses
It is correct for 2' in (I think it is) 1:16.

I think, apparently, Bob Webber provided an excellent clarification
of the G scale/gauge question.

But, now another "scale" question comes back to my mind about "O

To MY understanding/memory, true "O scale" is 5mm=1'0".!!??

I have "old" Model Railroader magazines which discuss this issue.

Somewhere back in the 19??'s, model trains where being imported to
the US from Germany(?), England(?), which were metric 5mm=1'0".

Then "HO" came along, (Half-O), and thus it was 3.5mm=1'0", as it is

Both "O" & "HO" scales originated in Europe/England????

There was an article in a MR mag about this, 1950ish(?), wherein the
question of going to an American 1/4" scale instead of 5mm, and it
would be called "Q" scale. But, I guess it never caught on.???

How I noticed/remembered this was when I hand-laid some "O" scale
track at 4'-8 1/2" @ 1/4"=1'0". Then I bought some Atlas freight-
trucks, and they were too big for the interior track-gauge that I'd

I measured the flange-spacing of the trucks and they computed out to
5mm. I respaced the wheels and all was workable.

I've discussed this "fact" with many "pros" who claim they've never
heard of such a thing. My main railroading has been in HO, but my
continuous "dabbling" takes me into other scales as well.

How do "Proto 48" folks address this issue?

Paul Hillman

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