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To MY understanding/memory, true "O scale" is 5mm=1'0".!!??
O gauge is 1.25 inches and O scale is 1/4" = 1 ft. But that makes
gauge 5 ft in O scale. So to rationalize the scale and gauge they
used 7 mm = 1' scale to get proper standard gauge (well actually 4' 6
1/2") with commercial track and wheelsets.

HO was then "half O" or 3.5 mm = 1 ft.

Then the HO'ers decided to make gauge a scale 4'8 1/2", actual
standard gauge, so even though its "half O", HO gauge (.649 in) isn't
half of O gauge (.625 in).

Then later some of the O gaugers decided to use 1/4" scale and make
scale standard gauge track so they use 1/4" = 1 ft O scale and 1.177
in gauge, which was at one time proposed to be called called Q gauge.


Dave H.

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