Re: Early 1900's Wood Freight Cars

John Degnan \(RailScaler\) <RailScaler@...>

Bob Webber wrote:
"G" gauge is, for 4'8.5" correct for 1/32.
It is correct for 3' at 1:20.3 (or Fn3)
It is correct for meter gauge at 1:22.5 (which is why LGB uses it).
It is correct for 2' in (I think it is) 1:16.
Gee Bob,

I think you answered all the "G" scale questions right there!!!
I have to agree... cleared up a lot for me, too. Now all I gotta do is find some decent looking G scale track so I can model in 1/32 scale... or is it I scale track...?!? Oh brother, here I go again!

Anyone know if anyone makes prototypical looking G track with solid rail?

John Degnan
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