last double sheathed cars


The subject of cheap lumber reminds me that many of railroads that
had the last (i.e. most recently built) wooden sided freight cars
had inexpensive sources of lumber from their own land.

I went to summer camp in the Adarondacks in the '60s. Loggers
approached the camp owners to selectively cut timber on their land
and paid with lumber.

Many of the railroads that had the last double sheathed box cars
built were in areas where they could have had land with timber on
it - Southern, GN, NP and in the northeast LV and DL&W.
10-15 years ago I saw logging in the vinicity of the former DL&W
Tunkhannock viaduct in eastern Pennsylvania so I assume that
Lackawanna had a good supply of inexpensive lumber, maybe even free
from their own land, in earlier years when wood side cars were

Ed Mines

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