best brass tank car models

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

I feel competent to look at a brass model of a boxcar or reefer and say if
it is a good model or not, and since most significant house cars will be
done eventually I believe either in resin or styrene, I have not purchased
any brass freight cars except for a couple of tanks cars (the Red Caboose
GATX model) and two N&W covered hoppers done by Overland a few years ago.

But tank cars are another matter and although I have educated myself, I am
still unsure when I look at the brass models I see around at the various
shows. I would find it helpful if people could list 5 to 7 of what they
think are the best tank car models that have been done. If you have a
catalog number, so much the better in trying to identify them at shows.

Bill Welch

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