[Spring Sale]

Jim Scott

I am interested in seeing the list, Marty.

Jim Scott
c/o CalifCoast@...

--- Marty McGuirk <mac@...>
Hello all,

I've found that I still have WAAAYYYY too much stuff
and not enough
places to put it.

Rather than throw it out (it's too good for that,
really) OR be forced
to lug it around to swap meets for the next ten
years I've decided to
create a list of what there is and sell it, at
discounted prices, on a
first-come first serve, basis.

The items on the list are limited to HO scale
standard gauge items. It
includes some rolling stock kits (resin, plastic,
and otherwise),
locomotives, structures and even some detail parts.

If you're interested in getting a copy of the list
of items please
reply to this e-mail -- be sure the subject line
says "[Spring Sale]"
so the computer will send it to the right place.

I'll have the list put together and sent out no
later than the end of
the month.

Sorry for the duplicate posts or wasted bandwidth.


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