Re: B-50-17 underframe

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On May 4, 2004, at 10:30 AM, Earl Tuson wrote:

In Ted Culotta's most recent EFC article on the UP B-50-17, he states
that the car had 10 cross bearers, five on each side, and I would like
to clarify his explanation of the design.  These cars had double
center sill Bettendorf underframes.  An important design feature of
the Bettendorf underframe, be it single or double center sill, was
that the crossbearers were continuous I beams from side to side.  They
penetrated the center sills, and were supported at that point by
unique cast iron brackets that Ted also mentions.  I am not aware of
any other steel steam era underframe design that had the cross bearers
continuous in this manner, although many designs had a small section
riveted in between the center sills at the same location that the
cross bearers were attached.

Correct, the crossbearers do go straight through (and no, I didn't
model them that way!) I will be expecting a visit from the prototype
police. Officer Thompson has probably been dispatched already as I
believe he is the closest official.

Ted Culotta

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