Re: Atlas 11.000 tank cars.

Arnold van Heyst

Mr. Hendrickson,

It's also on the "Sunray"/"Tank Gas Corp." cars,
but not on the proto 2000 10,000 gallon UTLX types..........
Or where these 10,000 gallon UTLX types for a different kind of


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Fellow modellers,

Just received from the U.S. severall Atlas 11.000 tank cars.
For instance UTLX 96266 & 96269.
They all are lpg tank cars, right?
But on the tank you can read "Water Capacity 91372 Pounds".
Did they transported also water with it?

Regards to you all,
Arnold van Heyst
No, Arnold, those were high pressure cars used only for liquified
gas. However, some tank car builders and owners stenciled their
cars with
the water capacity in pounds as an arbitrary measure of tank
I've never understood why they did this, but I have numerous
examples in my
photo collection.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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