Re: Specialty Books (was Train Shed Cycs)

Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


I wrote and sold three small monographs of the type you describe. They
were produced on a shoestring and were pretty low quality: 5X8 inch
size, maximum 36 pages, paper covers, saddle stitched, photocopy
reproduction. They cost me between $1-2 each in runs of 100-150. I
believe I could have upped the quality and had real printing for a bit
more, but would also have had to take larger press runs.

Of my three books, I sold about 1,000 copies of the largest and first at
about $4 wholesale over two years. The second I sold two runs of about
200 at $3. The third was only about 100 at $2.50. They certainly paid
for themselves, and I had a lot of fun, but ...

Such a project is "doable", though it is a lot of trouble. Don't forget
that you have to get business licenses, tax certificates, file extra
income statements with the IRS, and pay any state or local sales taxes
you collect. My city even tried to tax my kitchen table where I produced
these things as a business asset!

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

"Beckert, Shawn" wrote:

(Sigh). Ok Tony, you have both written and published, as
have some others here, probably. You're familiar, I'm sure,
with the Westside publications mentioned earlier. Maybe
6" by 8", 30-40 pages at most. What would be the costs
involved with something that size? Forget authorship just
now, we can twist Richard's or Ed Hawkins' arm later. The
real issue is money, isn't it?

We know the material is out there, probably right within
the members of this list. Is it really that expensive to
put a *small* specialized book together? How many would you
have to sell to make it worthwhile?

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