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On May 4, 10:20am, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Frt cars on the UP in the Wasatch
If bridges were a problem they could double head with a couple of
freight cars between the engines. That is the way they double headed
the 9s on the UPRR Kansas division and the Maryville's cut off.
Bridges are designed and built by axle loading, not by total
locomotive weight. This has been true for more than 100 years. If one
locomotive is all right, so are two of them. But there can be dynamic
load problems with two high-effort machines entering the bridge at
once, likely the reason for the spacing.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA

Could you please expound upon your statement? It is
counter-intuitive (to me) that a bridge is not designed to carry a
particular total mass as a static load.

BTW, Larry's comments are identical to those made by Mssrs.
Eherenberger and Gschwind [Smoke Above the Plains], as well as by Mr.
Lloyd Stagner [UP Kansas Division Steam Finale].



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