Re: Atlas 11K Tank Cars - Second Run

Arnold van Heyst

I will like to have a picture of the Atlas UTLX 96274,
Anyone know a retailer which is selling them?

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On Friday, April 30, 2004, at 01:10 PM, James F. Brewer wrote:

I was in M. B. Klein today in Baltimore and noticed that the
run of these cars were on the shelves. Among the roadnames was
car nos. 96266 and 92269. Both cars have dome platforms.

In Richard Hendrickson's article, RMJ, July 2003, there is a
photo of
UTLX 96274; it does not have dome platforms.

My question is whether these new UTLX offerings from Atlas should
the dome platforms?

Many thanks.
Jim Brewer
The UTLX 96266 represents a car from series 96263-96272, 10 cars
2-48 under AC&F lot no. 3169. Cars in this series had full dome
platforms. The UTLX 96274 was from series 96273-96274, 2 cars built
11-48 under AC&F lot no. 3384. These two cars had the simple side
platforms, as shown in the referenced photo. Once again, Atlas
to modelers who care about accuracy that they aren't targeting
products to that group. Do these guys have a clue to what they are
Ed Hawkins

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