Early PS flat panel roofs and ends

Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea@...>


Now that Burl Rice has revised the flat panel roofs (they look sharp):


....for the PS built Tennessee Central 7900 cars, I have interest in
building some of the PS built Birmingham Southern 1937 AAR boxcars that had
the flat end panels. These cars were built by PS in February and March of
'37 and
appear to be identical excluding doors. The photos I have are from the
1950s with the sill repairs completed by PS in the 1940s after the cars had
cracks appear.

The NC&StL had the XM-30s, while looking similar on the outside, they were a
1932 AAR design and had a 9'4" IH. Some of these later became L&N coke

Did anyone ever do plans for the ends? At the PRRH&TS convention I bought
some photographs of these cars. I have another source for a good end photo,
but a drawing would work much better.

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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