Re: C&O boxes, was: FGE woodies extant in Ky

ian clasper <ianclasper@...>

I have posted the shots I took of the C & O cars in the STMFPH site,
look in the files section for a folder called
"C&O 1930 Autoboxcars"

Sorry, no roof or under body shots, I had to honer the Museums
requests regarding saftey.

Ian Clasper

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Good Morning Y'all,
Finally, someone else on this list that speaks Southern....

Also in the collection were
several older C&O steel cars with end door (look like 1937 AAR
but...) and a "undec" GPEX 1947 milk tank car.

Happy Rails
The C&O cars should be older than that, if they are the ex PM cars
forgot to count ladder rungs), these were built by PSC in 1930.
Those were quite a find (a lot more interesting that the passenger
cars) and they could probably build a nice one out of all the cars
down there. Some have been cut for MOW service (how they

The milk car was ex-L&N supposedly. Also a neat car.

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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