Sunshine Rebuilds

Paul Lyons

My saga with building these kits goes on. With a lot of help from a number of
people on the list I have completed the NYC, NKP, and L&N cars. Thanks again
to all who helped. To finish the series I have a C&O, series 2000-799 and a WP
series 14301-332 or 14501-514(Hutchins ends) under construction. As with the
NKP cars there are no B end photos in the kit PDS info. So does anyone have a
B end photo they can share with me or can you provide me with a book or
periodical photo reference. A verbal description of what rib the brake wheel
platform goes on, where the retainer valve is located, and whether the cut liver is
bottom or top mounted would probably suffice for the C&O car. As always any
help is appreciated.
Paul Lyons
Oceanside, CA

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