Re: Reefer OMRX 550

Rob Adams


Thanks very much for the info. Spelling of Mayer noted. I obviously wasn't paying attention when the fingers were flying across the keys. The information you supply also helps date the photo. Any chance you could point me toward a side view of a Mather OMRX car Circa 1930s that would show the lettering arrangement? Is lettering available in HO for those cars?

Interestingly, the same photo (Taken in Detroit on the PM) shows a partial end view of a Pere Marquette box car with vertical rib Murphy ends. Seems like those cars have come up on the list previously. The "PM" is visible, but the car number is obscured by the end of the OMRX car. Are those cars covered in Art Million's PM freight car book?

Thanks again.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Can anyone supply information about OMRX reefers? I'm looking at a
Circa 1940 photo, which captured an end view of OMRX 550. It appears to
be a Mather reefer. In addition to the tails of the braces visible
below the side sheathing, the B-end view is consistent with the Mather
bracing. It has a vertical, non-geared brake staff running down through
the channel end.

Were the OMRX reporting marks used for cars assigned to Oscar Meyer?
At one time or another, Oscar Mayer (not Meyer - note the spelling) leased
refrigerator cars from almost every car leasing company in the country.
Mather did indeed lease 37' reefers to Oscar Mayer in the 1930s under OMRX
reporting marks. In 1938 the number series were 450-594, with an
additional four 40' reefers numbered 595-599; and 801-899, By 1941 the
800-899 series were no longer listed but the 450-594 and 595-599 series
were still in the ORER.

Mayer also leased reefers from Northwestern Refrigerator Line under NWX
reporting marks, from MDT under MERX reporting marks, and from Union
Refrigerator Transit under URTX reporting marks, as well as operating their
own tank cars under OMTX reporting marks. I figure their traffic manager
must have been a real wheeler-dealer who played one leasing company against
another in order to get the best possible rates, as they changed reefer
lessors every few years in the 1930s through 1950s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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