Re: Outlander freight cars in the most unusual places

Richard Hendrickson

On May 14, 2004, at 3:37 PM, Blair Kooistra wrote:

My apologies for offending anyone on the list or wasting bandwidth.
Since the cars were built prior to 1960, I thought it might be more
germane to this list than others.

I will refrain from any further postings.

--blair kooistra

While it may not have come through in his message, I think Richard was
trying to impart some humor to the whole N&W hoppers/Sherman Hill
debate. Our list moderator seems to like this specific thread more
than any other to grace this forum, much to the chagrin of all but a
handful of people who care about the overlap between the N&W and UP.
Richard was certainly not trying to offend you, although if our
moderator was so offended by the topic that he will ban all further
discussions of the N&W and Sherman Hill in order to avoid any
incendiary replies in future, so much the better. My tongue is in
cheek at the moment, sort of...

Ted Culotta
Ted has said it so well I have nothing to add, except to assure Blair that,
indeed, no offense was intended. I'd be elated if I never saw another word
on this list about N&W hoppers on Sherman Hill. In fact, it would be fine
with me if I never saw another word about N&W hoppers, period. Uh, oh.
Now I'm in trouble with David Thompson and (no doubt) others on the list.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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