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Paint the underframe freight car color. All the N8s that I have seen
prior to the repainting to focal orange were freight car color. The
painting diagram, issued 8-19-50-A for the N8 Circle Keystone Painting &
Lettering Diagram specifies exterior to be painted in "Two Coats,
Freight Car Color." Letters and figures were "White." All truck parts,
with the exception of the wheels, were to be painted "one coat light
bodied Standard Black." All stainless steel parts and aluminum window
sash, were to be "bare."
When equipment trust plates were on the car, ownership initials were to
be omitted, otherwise they were applied when the trust plates were
removed at the termination of the equipment trust.

This specification was revised and reissued as a "B" specification at a
later date (appears to be 2-22-60, but difficult to read on the drawing
to be sure) which changed the handholds on each side of the steps to be
painted two coats "chrome yellow."

The "B revision was printed in the December 1974 (Vol. 7, No. 4)

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Bill Lane wrote:

Hi All,

Most models have the underbody painted or molded in black. I am painting some of my N8. Was the underbody and tool
box really black? I was guessing and hoping that it is really a dirty and heavily weathered Freight Car Red. I have
already painted the frame FCR, and can easily repaint them black. My B & W Builders photos are difficult to tell
between the black and FCR. Does anyone have the real PRR paint diagrams? Would this have changed when the scheme
was changed to Shadow Keystone? I have 2 more to do in SK.

Please reply to billlane@...

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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