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Greg Martin

Morgan writes:

RE: [STMFC] Cabin Painting Instructions
Okay gize>

Now you got my interest.

How about going to craft stores and looking for:

Testors little ¼ oz bottles at 99¢. I found some for 88¢ at a local "Hobby
Lobby." Unfortunately, at the local hobby shop, they were $1.19. Now you
tell me why I should not save 20¢ a bottle. Buying a dozen at a time.

And as for color, why don't you simply ask Greg Martin. Hey Greg - what
paint should these Gize use for the interior of the cabins?

Morgan Bilbo
Ferroequinologist, Proud SPF
PRRTHS #1204
Okay, Okay, I have been following this thread and I guess I will throw in my
2¢ worth...

I use the very technical term for this color as it was found in other places,
like the interiors of many EMD E and F units... I call it "machine green" as
it was also found on many era painted pieces of machinery ... kinda sorta...

At one time I made a bottle of this color and used it on the interior of my
Bowser K4. I would try a mixture of Testors interior green (the same color that
was used on the interior color of many USAAF WW II aircraft) and white, even
quantities of each. Available in both the ¼ oz. bottles and the Model Masters
line as well. Use a Testors "eye dropper" to make the mix on a pallet first.
I like the small bottles because if I screw up I haven't lost much and they
are available nearly everywhere. Then once mixed, add green or white to taste
... serve at room temperature and thin with only Testors Spray Paint thinner.
You won't be far off.

Just as a spin I always though it funny that the PRR E units had gray
interiors (with original DGLE exteriors and later Tuscan exteriors) and the NYC units
had beige interior with gray exteriors ... go figure... I though it should
have been the other way around.

Greg Martin

Greg Martin

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