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An addendum to Eldon's and my post: there was an additional revision
("A") issued 12-8-61 due to another redesign of the lettering and a
another revision on 1-12-62 ("B") which refers to "painting the cupola
side sheets chrome yellow to include entire cupola and cupola roof."

This last revision was also printed in the December 1974 issue of "The
Keystone" (Vol. 7, No. 4). This was due to the painting of cupolas on
pool cabins either gray or yellow to denote the territory that they were
to operate. Pool cabins operating on Lines East of Harrisburg received
gray cupolas; those operating Lines West of Harrisburg received chrome
yellow cupolas. This lasted until about 1964 when the specifications
were changed and
all steel cabins were repainted "Focal" orange due to too many highway
vehicles having run into them at unprotected grade crossings. I have a
2X2 super slide of an N8 taken by me on 11-13-67 at Pavonia enginehouse
that had been just painted that day into focal orange with white
reflective lettering. The white reflective paint stood out and literally
glowed in the light from the camera flash (the picture was taken at
dusk). You would have to have been blind not to see this car.
Interesting thing was that the trust plates had been removed and
replaced by a trust stencil on the upper, extreme, right corner of the

As Eldon said, the N8 painting instructions were changed from the 1953
specification to the later keystone scheme in December 1955. This new
specification did specify a Shadow Keystone, in practice (to quote "The
Keystone" article), a smaller plain keystone was used. As far as I
know, the shadow keystone was never actually applied to an N8!

Just proves that the PRR was the Standard "Non-Standard" Railroad of The

Now that we beat this horse (or "cabin" you might say) to death, let us
get back to freight cars between 1900 and 1960 before Mike beats us!
Note: I did not mention the word "Silver" at all in this thread!

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"Gatwood, Elden -- Tt, Inc." wrote:

The Jan. 1953 painting instructions call for the car to be painted
Synthetic(Red) Freight Car Enamel (under cover) or Ready-Mixed (Red) Freight
Car Paint (not painted under cover); sides, ends, and underframe. Asphaltum
on roof, including cupola. Gloss Yellow Enamel to vertical handholds on
corners and curved handholds on car body at four corners. Interior got P.O.
Green Enamel on walls from floor to window sills, lockers, set frames, lower
bunks, table and sink (except tops), end doors and frames, bulkhead corner
posts to ceiling, and cupola seats, including armrests and sides to and
including cupola side window sills and safety rail. Cream Enamel to
interior above window sills including bottom of upper bunks and the
ceilings. Quick-drying Floor Enamel to floors. NO PAINT to stainless steel
parts of aluminum window sashes!

The Dec '55 instructions (which supercede those above, and which were not
superceded again until Sep 1960), call for the same exterior and interior
colors and application coverage. They got more specific about coating the
ENTIRE roof and cupola with Asphaltum. "Pool" cars are not covered in the

I think there are painting instructions and lettering diagrams.

Needless to say, paint crews did not always follow the instructions, but
that is what the PRR intended.


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Hi All,

Most models have the underbody painted or molded in black. I am painting
some of my N8. Was the underbody and tool
box really black? I was guessing and hoping that it is really a dirty and
heavily weathered Freight Car Red. I have
already painted the frame FCR, and can easily repaint them black. My B & W
Builders photos are difficult to tell
between the black and FCR. Does anyone have the real PRR paint diagrams?
Would this have changed when the scheme
was changed to Shadow Keystone? I have 2 more to do in SK.

Please reply to billlane@...

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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