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RE: [STMFC] Cabin Painting InstructionsSo now you know why I chimed in about going to different stores. You are suggesting "don't look in a box", but to look outside the box. I'm simply adding to that by saying look outside the store in another type store. Also, don't hesitate to go where the women go, "How about ceramic shows" and such. Some of those places have tremendous goodies for us modelers.

And I hope you've seen Greg's reply about cabin car interior paint by now. I concur completely with him about using smaller jars. Of course, you O scalers must ultimately buy larger jars LOL but for the initial mixing, the smaller ones offer a cheaper way to find the right mix.

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Fred in Vt. wrote:
" Sometimes it pays to look in the other paint rack. The following is a suggestion: Testors Model Master series of paints has several military, or, light greens that work well for interior colors. FWIW; has anyone else tried the Italian Army Brown for the exterior of a cabin car? Did several myself, and with weathering they have a nice subtle aged look. Hope this helps."

I second that. I have found a great color to paint wheel sets. Look for Testors Model Master No. 2096 "P Schokoladenbraum '43" This color was used by Germany in WW 2 for aircraft and armor. I think it is a great color for wheel sets, rails and a base for weathering motive power or rolling stock. Check it out.


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