Re: color uniformity from paint manufacturers

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Greg Martin, echoing many, said:
I don't believe "anyone" thinks that the basic freight car colors or any
color for that matter didn't vary from use to use or shop to shop, ect. Even the
same can likely did form use to use.
Freight cars colors are as you perceive them to be... If you think they look
right, we might not agree, but likely we won't disagree ... publicly... Who
does your hobby serve?
I don't really argue with this or with others who have chimed in, but let's not lose sight of the fact that box cars of UP and Santa Fe, to choose one example, were of quite visibly different colors. There are, of course other examples. Sure, the EXACT shade may be elusive, but as with box car height differences, those differences in color are part of realistically reproducing the national car fleet. And they ain't entirely arbitrary.

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