Re: ITC history requested

Ian Cranstone

On 19-May-04, at 6:28 PM, Bob Kingman wrote:

I have a picture of an Illinois Terminal box car
numbered 428 taken about
1964. From the notes on the back of the picture, it
maybe an ex-Reading car built
Does anyone have the history of this series and where
it came from?

Series is 400-499, not listed in the 10/63 ORER, 100
cars listed in the 7/64 issue. They're noted as 40'6"
cars, 10'6" IH, with 8' doors. There are no exact
matches listed under the Reading numbers at that time,
but there are a number of similar cars from about
104000 and up (I have no info as to when any of these
cars were built).

Ian & Katherina Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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