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Don, was the list of commodities cited the same as what the ICC used or
something different? And is the info of received-from and delivered-to
somple "other railroads" or are each one cited by name (with data)? I'm
quite curious about WP and SP interchanges with the Rio Grande in 1944, 48,
50, and 56.

Dave Nelson

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Tim Gilbert wrote about the ICC Blue Books:

Another "weapon" in my arsenal are the ICC's Blue Books or more properly
called "Annual Report on Statistics of Railways in the United States."
(After 1953, these were called Annual Report on Transport Statistics in
the United States.") These can also be located by searching the
bookfinder site.
Just today, I was looking at a very similar product. These are the Utah
State Public Service Commission railroad annual reports. They are typeset
forms, with either typewritten or handwritten responses to the same
questions as are in the ICC annual reports. I would imagine that every state
has similair products, which would come in very handy if you are looking for
intrastate information. For the reports here in Utah, they are readily
available as next-day (or maybe same-day afternoon) deliveries to the Utah
State Archives Reading Room.

For example, for 1934, I noticed that UP (not OSL or LA&SL) interchanged
6700 carloads of coal to other carriers, whilst terminating over 28000
carloads in the state. There is no indicator of where the coal came from, or
where it went to, but these numbers give us a backdoor understanding of
carloadings within one state (in this case, it was all in wonderful GS
gondolas, likely in Utah Coal Route GS gons). For those with an interest in
other Utah roads, yes, there are reports for Bamberger, Utah Railway, Carbon
County, and even Utah Idaho Central. Oh, the wonder of it all!

Don Strack

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