Re: PRR G31 Gondolas

Garrett W. Rea <Garrett.Rea@...>

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In reply to Eldon Gatwood's plea for a G31 urethane kit: I think
you will see the Rail Classics G31 series in brass before anyone
does it in a urethane kit. I have been after Martin Lofton to do
cars in kit form for quite a while, but so far he is so far backed
up in
orders and with other projects, that it may be a brass car first.

Tom Olsen
Actually, this could go either way. As I posted earlier, I have seen
the test shots of one in resin the builder is working on boxing up
the kits and getting decals right now as I type this, but this state
of limbo has been going on for a while....time will tell tho.


Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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