Re: ATSF SK 2/3 Stock Car Question

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. The photos that accompany the MM article are not clear enough to
indicate which way the reservoir should be mounted, although one photo of
car 26286 looks as if one can see the end of the reservoir at the side of
the car, which would support the perpendicular mounting.

Perpendicular mounting of the air reservoir is correct for the Sk-2's, -3's &
-5's. At some point in the mid 1950's, NEW cars delivered to the Santa Fe
conformed to the more typical mounting having the major axis of the reservoir
parallel to the center sill. The last new stock cars delivered to the Santa Fe
were the Sk-U's in 1930. The stock cars that followed were either box car
conversions or a few cars inherited from the KCM&O. The Westerfield kit is a box
car conversion using former Bx-3's & Bx-6's, so they kept the perpendicular
tank mounting.

Tom C

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