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A long time ago (Apr 29, 2003) Guy Wilber wrote:
The 925 Pennsylvania (100000-100924) X29
design box cars; one (100800) built in November of 1932 followed
by 924
others built in early 1933 were the first cars equipped with the
brake system. These cars were used in the road tests on the Sang
Extension Branch of the Pennsylvania. Tests included 100 and 150
(empty and loaded) which were conducted from March 17 through
11, 1933.
When these cars were built, what brake cylinders were used? Is
an "AB cylinder" or does that designation refer only to the control
valve and reservoir? Specifically, I am trying to figure out if
use of what appears to be a "K" cylinder in the Red Caboose X29 AB
brake system is correct (given that the RC AB brakes can only be
correct for the car series above).
The AB brake is made up with a center a center section (the PIPE
BRKT>) with a service valve and emergency valve bolted on each side.
This required the two stage reservior and a separate brake cylinder.
The cylinder would have look very similar to the split K arrangement.
I'm not sure but I think a new cylinder would have been designed for
the new system. Hope this helps some.

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