Re: Accurail 50 foot box cars / SN

Schuyler Larrabee

So, Garth, which C&BT kit was it which is correct
for which DL&W series?

I have some of these and I think that is why I
still have some, but I've forgotten or misplaced
the rationale I had/have for them. DL&W and/or
ERIE would be the reason(s).


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Not that I know of. Wanna try?

Some C&BT Shops cars appear to have no known
AFAIK, any cars with 12 panels and 7' or 8'
doors are
completely bogus. Their R-4/3, diagonal panel
double-door auto car is another loser.

Surprisingly, some of their more obscure cars
actually had
prototypes, though searching them out is
difficult. The
R-3/4, panel roof , 6' door car, for example,
was owned by
the ITC, GN and SP&S.

There's also the question of other details
besides the ends,
roofs, and door width, some of which can be
fixed. They
offered a 12-panel, panel roof, 6' door car with
4/4 ends
that is more or less correct for the ATSF and
RI, but not for
the most obvious road, D&RGW, thanks to the
tabbed side sills
and lack of a Duryea cushioned underframe.

Thank goodness we have the far superior
Branchline cars.
Still some of us have bunches of C&BT cars
stashed away.
Being an Iowan by birth, I'm too cheap to just
throw them
out, so they are slowing being built and
upgraded. They have
no swap meet value at the shows I frequent.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

newrail@... wrote:

Had anyone ever posted a list as to what
road each C&BT
car might be
accurate for?

Thanks, Don Valentine

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