Re: old resin kits

Don Valentine

A plain old bar of soft soap will work just as well for starting
screws in wood. A stunt I, too, learned from my father many years ago.

Don Valentine

Quoting Thomas Olsen <tmolsen@...>:


I thought I was the only one that still used beeswax to drill with and
start screws with. It is getting hard to find in many hardware stores
at least in the Delaware Valley area. I was able to find it in a
industrial hardware store in Pennsauken NJ and also at Micro-Mark, of
all places.

It shore helps when starting screws of the self-tapping variety or when
you are starting a screw into a wood surface. It is an old carpenter's
trick to use it to keep the material from splitting that I learned from
my father and grandfather, both who were carpenters.

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