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Schuyler Larrabee

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Schuyler responds

Nope. Data is convertible. I've gone
through 4 PC
operating systems
but I still have all my Quicken data going
back 13 years.

Not the case with my AutoCAD 8 files.
AutoCAD 2000
doesn't know what
they are.
Perhaps if you had made an attempt to upgrade
13 years had passed,
For one project which was professionally Very
Important To Have, I tried going through the

AutoCAD 8
AutoCAD 9
AutoCAD 11
AutoCAD 13
AutoCAD 14
AutoCAD 2000

What a pain, installing each of those versions,
opening and resaving files in the new format, etc,
etc. By the time I was into V 13, the files were


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