Re: Paul Dolkas

Don Valentine

Paul in HO and John in O are both modeling northern New Hampshire
lines of the B & M based out of Woodsville, New Hampshire (six miles up
U.S. #5 and across the Connecticut River from where I'm sitting). Both
are utilizing the paper and granite industries as well.

Don Valentine

Quoting Justin Kahn <harumd@...>:

Now that is interesting, as my recollection of the Dolkas railroad is of
generalized northeastern shortline, very well-realized in concept and
execution, and I hadn't heard of an O scale version. Although, as I
been out of the model railroad mainstream for some years, has Paul
changed his theme? I have a vague sense of hearing something about his

going to a larger and more urban setting, more like George Sellios's
Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

If you have the right connections, Paul Dolkas' layout is well
the visit.

So is John Peterson's O scale version of the exact same area the
models. Even my non-modeling wife enjoyed them both. Contact me
if you need assistance, Jeff.

Don Valentine
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