Re: U.S. - Canada interchange in the mid '20s

Don Valentine

Quoting Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>:

Tim Gilbert has offered other information about restrictions by U.S.
Customs that indicated that once unloaded Canadian cars were expected
to be expedited back to Canada and that they should not been seen in
routine use wandering around between various points within the U.S.;
I think that would tend to reduce the likelyhood of finding such cars
farther away from Canada and increase the likelyhood of seeing such cars
nearest border exchanges as cycle times back to such entry points for any
given car would be shorter than if the car had wandered farther afield.

This is largely borne out by our experience in Vermont over the years
as well. Lots of Canadian Pacific cars coming down the Connecticut River
line loaded for points in southern New England, N.Y. and N.J. and lost of
Canadian National cars for the same points coming down the Central Vermont.
The vast majority of these cars were then seen returning home empty. A CPR
or CNR car going north on these routes loaded was a rare occurrence.

Don Valentine

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