RMC No 13

Schuyler Larrabee

Without falling on my knees . . .

Let me tell you that the story in the latest RMC,
No 13 in the series, is fabulous. I am inspired
to get back to work doing some of the simpler
models I have around here, so that I can regain
some of the modeling skills I've lost over the
last 8-9-10 years since we moved into this "things
that need a little fixing" house 13 years ago.
From a modeling perspective, I never shoulda left
the condo.

It's nice to realize that you're not the only one
who would go to the extent of doing some of the
amazing things you've accomplished. One of the
bad things about that disease you discuss,
procrastinationitis, is that sometimes you can
lose the interest in the prototype you had when
you started a model. I have 5 not-quite-complete
models of EL 69000 series boxcars, which involved
starting with a DW model, scraping, filing and
sanding off all the side detail, building up by
overlay a new side and door, making new brass
angle ladders, with the proper straps behind the
ladders for mounting changing the shape of the
side sill, and all that. I made masters for the
Camel wheels on the plug door rods, and had them
cast by Precision Scale. Made up the rods, door
tracks and all that.

I need to finish the underframe, brake gear, and
the doors are not Quite Finished. But there's a
problem: I'm not so interested in the EL as I was
when started these, some 15-16-17 years ago. I'm
more interested in straight ERIE now, so even
if/when I finish these, I don't know if I'd
operate them anymore. By now, some of the styrene
has started to age!

Sorry, this is intended to be a note to tell you
that the series in RMC, and the UP Box in No 13,
are just amazing feats of modeling. It takes a
brave man, as I think I mentioned to you before,
to publish photos of your models that are LARGER
than the actual model. And live to tell the tale.



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