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Marty McGuirk <mac@...>


Paul's last name is spelled "Dolkos." He wasn't a B&M modeler (in some
ways he still isn't) -- he simply found the B&M presented an
outstanding theme for his beautiful layout. His main influence was Phil
Hasting's photography of the region.

Before this layout was started Paul had a fairly complete free-lanced
railroad called the "Dusquene" -- that was featured in MR back in the


On Friday, May 28, 2004, at 05:21 PM, Justin Kahn wrote:

I was wondering when I saw the first spelling if that looked quite
right, so
the second looks more familiar. Has he always modelled the B&M, or
did he
earlier (twenty years ago at least) have another theme? That is what
I have
some vague recollection about.

Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

Paul in HO and John in O are both modeling northern New Hampshire
lines of the B & M based out of Woodsville, New Hampshire (six miles
U.S. #5 and across the Connecticut River from where I'm sitting). Both
are utilizing the paper and granite industries as well.

Don Valentine
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