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Andy Miller <asmiller@...>

Detail Associates also makes a styrene gon end which I have used to upgrade
a lot of my stand in gondolas to get interior corrugations. And don't
forget that the P2K gon kits come with two sets of ends, leaving you with a
spare set. The RTR crowd is out of luck, but they probably don't care.


Andy Miller

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Dear friends,

The Sylvan web sites lists the following part: Mill Gondola Ends DP-0059:
$3.95 CDN, $3.25 US. HO-Scale

The listing is found at:

Has anyone here ever used these parts? I am wondering if they might be
useful for replacing the PRR style ends that come with Eastern Car Works'
65' AAR mill gondola.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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