Re: SAL single sheathed box car with end doors



The SAL box car in question was originally a B4 composite car. The
first lot of 500 cars (13001-13500) were delivered by Baltimore Car &
Foundry in April, 1929. A second lot of cars (13501-13965) were
delivered in August.

The "little door" on the A end is a lumber door. Only the B4 cars
came equipped with them.

Would appreciate a scan of the photo if you have the time and

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

--- In STMFC@..., "ed_mines" <ed_mines@y...> wrote:
I recently went through about a foot and a half of 5X7 photos,
looking for a print for a friend.

I came across a photo of a SAL single sheathed box car in MOW
service with a what appears to be a little door over the place
the tack board used to be. It looks like there's a little sheet
metal lip to let the doof swing down. The door is slightly wider
than the tack board but not as high. The photos whow the underframe
to advantage too.

The photo is neg. #352 from John LaRue. Since it's taken in 1961
is a low number I'd bet John took it himself. Nice quality photo,
better than 80% of the non builders photos I have.

Ed Mines

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