Re: B&O wagontop models

Don Valentine

Quoting pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>:

Don Valentine:

���� When reporting on the scale issue between the two kits
you also comment on why the Sunshine version seemed so

Ted Culotta:

The side/roof castings are actually two pieces that are curved.
constitutes one side and half of the roof.
Martin casts the wagontop side/half-roof as one flat piece, removes
it from the mold before it is completely cured, and bends it around
a shaped mandrel. This is not a technique which will produce a
succession of exactly-matched parts.

Tom Madden

Would it not make FAR more sense to use one such piece that he was
particularly pleased with as the master for all of them? Like others on
this list I have had some issues with Martin over the years but never
thought he was this foolish.

I appreciate the responses to my query on these cars and have
concluded that both the F & C and Sunshine version of the B & O cars are
great kits to avoid. Thanks to all who responded.

Don Valentine

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