Re: Lightweight, gaseous discussions

Don Valentine

Quoting Peter Weiglin <omnibus@...>:

Richard Hendrickson wrote...

For Pete's sake, we went through all this "helium cars are lighter when
loaded" nonsense less than a year ago on this list. Enough, already!

= = = =

Yup -- and I guess Bill Lane and I can both take our tongues out of our
The model, years ago, showing loaded weight as less than light weight
was a
gag. Those cars were quite heavy, not because of a fear that they might
away, but because carrying a gas under pressure requires a high degree
sturdiness. Hence, empty ("light") weights of more than 200,000 pounds
are quite

In point of fact the ACF drawings indicate about a three inch wall
thickness for the tubes. That ain't featherweight!

Don Valentine

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